Criminal Lawyer Adelaide

We understand it can be daunting when dealing with charges relating to criminal or traffic law, and we are here to help. The team at Joseph Ramsay Sanders Lawyers have experience in all areas of criminal and traffic law, and can guide you through the process. For Criminal charges - We offer knowledge and experience. Our services are tailored for your negotiations with prosecution, making submissions on a guilty plea or defending a matter at trial.
We appear in the Magistrates Courts, District Court of South Australia, Supreme Court of South Australia, and Youth Court.

We represent clients before Alternative Sentencing Courts within the Magistrates Court, including:

  • Drug Court
  • Family Violence Court
  • Mental Health Diversion Court
  • Nunga Court

We can assist with many offences, including but not limited to:

  • Driving/ Traffic offences (drive disqualified, drive suspended, drive with prescribed concentration of alcohol, drive under the influence of alcohol, drive under influence of drug, drive without due care, speeding)
  • Offences against the person (aggravated assault, assault, threaten life, unlawful sexual intercourse, rape)
  • Offences against property (serious criminal trespass (aggravated, non-aggravated), damage property, theft, unlawful possession, robbery, use motor vehicle without consent)
  • Offences against public order (hinder police, resist police, affray, disorderly behaviour)
  • Drug related offences (traffic controlled drug, possess prescribed equipment, possess prescription drug, sale of controlled drug, cultivate)
  • Breach of Bail
  • Breach of Bond
  • Legal Aid

Legal Aid

We also gladly accept Legal Services Commission (Legal Aid Assignments) in our Adelaide and Regional Offices, and can assist you with the completion and submission of your Legal Aid Form to the Legal Services Commission of South Australia. Conditions Apply*

For more information about criminal law and applying for legal aid, please refer to the website of the Legal Services Commission, or by clicking on the link

Please contact us to make an appointment with one of our solicitors for further advice and assistance.

* You must be eligible for Legal Aid Representation or Granted Aid from the Legal Services Commission. Otherwise our General Retainer Arrangements will apply.

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