Traffic Lawyer Adelaide

We understand what happens on and off the road can be a difficult minefield to navigate, particularly when it comes to knowing your rights when dealing with Police or The Australian Road rules. It can be difficult at times to know your rights in circumstances of drink driving, or when you are the subject of speeding allegations. It is equally common for your average person in the community to not understand the consequences of licence disqualification and not understand the circumstances in which licence disqualification can arise. The team at Joseph Ramsay Sanders Lawyers have experience in all areas of traffic law and can guide you through the process of understanding and exercising your legal rights. We can provide knowledgeable and street wise assistance in negotiating with prosecution. We can assist in making submissions on a guilty plea or defending a matter at trial.

If you’ve received a fine, before you pay check with Joseph Ramsay Sanders Lawyers to see if you may have a defence or be able to avoid disqualification all together. In certain circumstances you may be eligible for a demerit point reduction and avoid the inconvenience of being off the road for a significant period of time.

We can help

Our friendly lawyers can advise you of your options and the costs associated with your representation.  Making an informed decision about whether to pay your fine or electing to be prosecuted is an important decision worthy of legal advice. Avoiding significant fines, imprisonment or demerit points can be game changers in a society where having a drivers licence is so important. Traffic offences can have serious implications for you, your family and other members of the public.

All kinds of traffic penalties

Penalties ranging from substantial fines, licence disqualification and imprisonment can apply for traffic offences including drink driving, drug driving, speeding offences and driving without due care. Causing injury or death by negligent driving and or driving under a disqualification are viewed so seriously that in the absence of extenuating circumstances, imprisonment is a real prospect.

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